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FAQs about Services

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1-I want to try homeopathic treatment, but I do not know if it is helpful for me?

For knowing more about in what ways homeopathy can help you, we suggest you to visit     treatment services or homeopathic clinic, consultation part sections in our website or you can contact us via e-mail or call us.

2- How can I get homeopathic books?

You can visit publishes section and choose your requested books then order it via e-mail or by calling to our office, so it will be sent to you.

3- How can I get your health and cosmetic products?

You can visit health and cosmetic products section of our website and choose your requested product, then request it via e-mail or by calling us. Do not forget that these health and cosmetic would be effective only when they are used accompanied by a constitutional therapy, so we suggest you to mention for what purpose and usage you order the product in order to give a constitutional treatment if needed.

4- How can I att in your homeopathic psychology and other advanced courses?

You can read the entrance qualification and if you would eligible you can s us your requirements or any other questions via e-mail.

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