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FAQs about Homeopathy

The most common questions about homeopathy as Supramolecular Medicine

1-What is the exact meaning of homeopathy?

We do not have any appropriate word in Persian that can express the whole meaning of homeopathy, but we may use similar therapy, that in someways is like vaccination in traditional medicine, that a weakened disease agent is used against the same disease. Also, in homeopathy, every substance that can have therapeutic effects is used and by some processes the toxic effects of the substance got diminished and the therapeutic effects of them.


2-If homeopathic remedies are effective, so why they do not have any side effect?

Actually if the homeopathic remedies be used in unprincipled ways or be repeated unduly in long time they may cause changes that may obstacle for fast and complete cure and in some cases they can cause complex situations, but since the drug quantity used in homeopathic remedies is very small, it has no side effects in comparison with the other branches of medicine.


3-How it is possible to cure all the problems of a person just with using one remedy for

one time(once)?

The answer is the location of homeopathic remedies influence. Whereas defense mechanism has a key role in all of the individual&rsquos diseases and problems even physical problems or mental emotional, it is obvious that in symptom therapy methods of treatment or palliative medicine that only att to the symptoms of the diseases it is necessary to use several medicine and also repeat them, but since homeopathy faces to the totality of the defense mechanism, it can cause cure from the basis of the disease and with one remedy using once (like vaccination ) can cover all of the patient&rsquos symptoms and can cause a long term fundamental multilateral  cure.


4-What are the sources of homeopathic remedies and how they prepared and how they are prescribed?

There are three main sources for homeopathic remedies that are plants, minerals and animal tissues that are produce with preparing mother tincture or solution or substance and special processing methods. These remedies should keep in high degree alcohol in order to keep their efficacy. As patient can not bear to eat high degree alcohol so for prescription remedies would prepare with the mixture of alcohol and distilled water. Homeopathic remedies has no specific taste in the liquid form. In past it was used to use tablets and globules that were made from lactose, but nowadays tablets are used rarely.


5-Can we treat Homeopathy for the patients who take several medication of conventional medicine?

Although allopathic drugs induce drug depency in patients and it is not possible to discontinue these medications, but it is possible to take homeopathic remedies along by using their allopathic medication and when these patient become better, they can reduce and even discontinue them with consultation of their specialists.  


6-Is it right to say that patients who go to a homeopath has no need to visit specialists? 

In homeopathic medicine for understanding diseases better, we always need to consult with specialists, on the other hand changing the method of treatment from Alopathy to homeopathy needs assessments that should have been done with cooperation of specialists, so all of the doctors try to treat the patients in cooperation with each other. Indisputably every specialist who has experienced homeopathic cure, prefer using homeopathic remedies instead of traditional medicine&rsquos remedies with much too side effects.


7-What is the role of belief or inculcation in the homeopathic treatment?

Cure in the homeopathy is not on the base of inculcation or belief, the evidences of this claim are the effectiveness of homeopathy in paediatric medicine, treating unconscious patients, in homeopathic veterinary or even in the people who reject homeopathy-that we have to treat them secretly and not only they do not believe in homeopathy but also they are very suspicious and pessimistic and even they may change the way of treatment process. But the certain truth is that like other branches of medicine the interaction between the patient and his doctor is very important. In every tem of treatment the more reliance and belief the patient has would to the better and faster results and counter that the more suspiciousness will come to later and ill-defined results.


8-How long would a homeopathic treatment take?

Since a homeopathic treatment is more permanent, fundamental and multidirectional than a traditional medicine treatment, the duration of the cure deps to several factors, some of them that ext the duration of treatment are as follows: 1-prolonged or chronic diseases. 2- The number and duration of chemical medication. 3- Diagnosis or pathology of the disease in conventional medicine. 4- Hereditary background or family history of difficult to cure diseases. 5- Having mental emotional of physical stresses in life.  Existence of these mentioned factors makes it impossible to fore the duration of the treatment, because we consider to each patient as an individual being that is not similar to any other patient, the duration of the treatment is vary from one patient to another. But it should be emphasised that we can noticeably see the therapeutic effects in early seconds or days after taking homeopathic remedy.


9-Why homeopathy is not so known in Iran though it has miraculous results?

Studying the history of homeopathy in all over the world shows us that conventional medicine practitioners pressed unconventional methods of treatment very severely. Political, economical factors and trade union benefits of conventional medicine practitioners preclude propagating Homeopathy not only in Iran but also in other parts of the world. Fortunately after 12 years many of these obstacles have passed. After being officially recognised by the ministry of health and medical science, homeopathy could thrive also because of having several educational courses, we could have many graduates in homeopathy and it seems that we will have sufficient homeopath physicians in near future.


Writer: Dr. Kamran Jalali
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